Turfgrass seeds

Co.Pro.Sem.El.’s turfgrass seed mixes are designed and created to meet a range of needs: playing fields, turfgrass production, public and private gardens, technical surfaces (parking lots, campsites, slopes etc.), intercropping in vineyards and orchards, and hydroseeding. Co.Pro.Sem.El. aims to provide the best product for developing and maintaining turfgrass, offering prompt delivery and guiding Customers through training services as well as resolving any issues.


Our HI-TECH mixes have been designed to meet the demands of modern Turf Managers and Landscapers, and use the perfect combinations of turfgrass varieties. The HI-TECH range features 8 different mixes and blends to meet the needs of various uses, maintenance solutions, soil and climate conditions and water availability. Special care has been given to choose varieties that are drought and trampling tolerant and disease resistant. We have created seed mixes with reduced biomass production (less mowing) and low maintenance needs, thereby reducing the relevant costs, while preserving high-quality aesthetics and excellent soil coverage.

Green Lands

Our Green Lands seed mixes are the result of considerable expertise gained through research and studies within the turfgrass industry. They are products formulated by highly qualified personnel in close collaboration with world-leading research centers. Top quality seeds have been a permanent feature in the production of Green Lands.


Rapidly establishing grass coverage with a modest growth rate leads to improved physical and chemical soil properties, protecting against erosion, improving soil structure and allowable bearing capacity, increasing the rate of organic matter and reducing management costs.  We offer seed mixes tailored to diverse needs depending on climates, yields, plants and a range of management requirements.


Climate change happening today poses an enormous challenge because, as we know, nature never stands still: it is always evolving. Thanks to our testing fields, every year Co.Pro.Sem.El. is able to offer the greatest global species as single varieties.


The technology of the future Rapid germination, easy seeding and a positive impact on soil acidity are all factors that lead turfgrass maintenance personnel to choose our blue seeds. Inoculated seeds have a casing that provides the plant with protection and nutrients, and defends it against pathogens in its early stages of development.

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