Our HI-TECH seed mixes have been designed to meet the demands of modern Turf Managers and Landscapers, and use the perfect combinations of turfgrass varieties.
    The HI-TECH range features 8 different mixes and blends to meet the needs of various uses, maintenance solutions, soil and climate conditions and water availability.
    Special care has been taken to choose varieties that are drought and trampling tolerant and disease resistant.
    We have created seed mixes with reduced biomass production (less mowing) and low maintenance needs, thereby reducing the relevant costs, while preserving high-quality aesthetics and excellent soil coverage.

    The lawn seed varieties used for the HI-TECH range have been carefully graded to ensure the highest quality possible.
    Quality control is carried out throughout the production process: from the breeding program, open field production and seed processing to packaging and logistics.
    Once harvested, produce from the different varieties undergoes a thorough cleaning process. Batches are then further tested in order to obtain a high degree of seed purity (upon request, mixes can be made with 0/0 Poa annua grade quality) and increased germinability.
    All batches come with original certificates from accredited laboratories and company certificates showing the results of analyses carried out according to Official Methods of Analysis (Italian Decree 22 December 1992).

    All the varieties and mixes have been tested in the lab and in the open field to assess their performance, quality and response to biotic and abiotic factors.


    Optimum plant health, quality aesthetics and excellent playing conditions add value to any project. Our expert turfgrass management Consultants are on hand to help improve any type of lawn conditions (technical surfaces, turf production, playing fields, golf courses).
    Our consultants work with and for our Clients to develop the best possible turf program.

    COPROSEMEL Agronomic Consultancy Services include:
    – Specialist advice, training and support for maintenance personnel
    – Training session both at our Firm and elsewhere
    – Planning for new sites and renovations
    – Improving existing maintenance programs
    – Analyzing soil and climate conditions to identify the most suitable seed mix
    – Scientific review of soil and irrigation water analyses
    – Monthly newsletters

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