About us

masters of seeds

Co.Pro.Sem.El is more than a company, it is a collective of experts.

It’s a way of life. The knowledge and experience acquired throughout its deeply rooted heritage and its ability to continuously look to the future have led it to become renowned as one of Italy’s key players. Professionalism, reliability and skill are born from our passion for our work and our love of nature, enabling Co.Pro.Sem.El to always have everything you need, just the way you need it. We are a solid foundation for those looking for confidence, offering a culture of support and transparent services. We are a reflection of the trust placed in us each day.

Our aims

Quality, skill, reliability Our main aim is to help our clients achieve their best results through our high-quality products, to overcome their issues and to provide everything needed to help their business flourish. Our choices, our quality and our knowledge: excellent results.

Our core values:

Appropriate mixes

Our formulas are a symbol of excellence, so we are continuously improving and striving for perfection. We rewrite tradition, always looking to the future. 

A strict control of the products purchased by the company

We carefully check all goods we receive, which must meet set standards specified in our in-house process. This allows us to confirm the reliability and high quality of our goods, guaranteeing products our customers can depend on. 

Selecting, grading and winnowing using state-of-the-art machinery

We use state-of-the-art machinery to sort and clean our seeds These machines enable us to sort seeds, separating unclean seeds from good quality seeds, grading by size and, most importantly, removing any dust, straw, empty seed casings and light seeds. Machinery for innovative technical solutions, revolutionizing traditional seed cleaning. 

Carefully inspecting the end product

We check our goods throughout the production cycle so we are able to detect any variance in quality. Monitoring continues through to the end product, ensuring each seed mix is approved before being put on the market. 

Collaboration and idea exchange with leading experts

We work with a group of first-rate, carefully selected partners sharing technical information and insights. We gather suggestions, always striving to improve. Our ultimate goal is customer satisfaction.